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    And it came to pass that all from the world of children’s media were invited to go unto the city of Sheffield to the Children’s Media Conference.  And they gathered unto themselves the brightest and best from the firmament of ‘kids’ to listen and ask questions, to increase in wisdom and stature and find favour and commissions.

    And lo! there was some wailing and gnashing of teeth as they gazed upon the financial abyss before them and ate pizzas.

    But there was also great rejoicing for the pizzas were washed down with wine.  And some brought glad tidings of transmedia opportunities.

    And it came to pass that after three days,  many who had slept too little and eaten too much stumbled out of the Showroom Cinema’s darkness into the light with visions of a media landscape filled with the milk and honey of highly valued, well funded children’s content.  For surely miracles do happen.

    And yea, verily I say unto thee,  there will be epistles from Sheffield http://www.thechildrensmediaconference.com/blog/2012/ . Thus spake the seraph who forthwith is off to pack her wings before she trips over them and further dints her halo.


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