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    There’s a big boiled egg
    Sitting in the Quiet Carriage.
    And he’s loud and he’s rude
    And in a very bad mood;
    For this train is going to Bristol
    And he wants to go to Harwich.
    So he shouts and has a moan
    To his friend on his phone,
    And forgets he’s not alone,
    Sitting in the Quiet Carriage.
    “Shush and hush,”
    Whispers the friendly guard.
    But the boiled egg is hard
    And intimidates the guard.
    So politely we all make
    A stand, in the Quiet Carriage,
    Till he cracks and backtracks;
    ‘Cause he’s really soft and runny.
    And it’s very very funny
    When a big boiled egg
    Who wants to go to Harwich,
    Gets on the wrong train
    And sits in the quiet carriage.


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