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    Just opened the latest copy UK Writer Magazine and there I was!  Gail Renard writing about the Tax Breaks for animation, high end drama and video games says, “A special mention goes to Jayne Kirkham, Children’s Committee Chair; Andy Walsh, who oversees video games at the Guild and also members of the Television Committee for their tireless work in lobbying for these tax breaks. We got them.”  As there is still much work to be done finalising said tax breaks and working out the fine detail, I assume that when she says “we got them”, Gail means the Guild, Andy,  me or the rest of the Television Committee.  Not sure if I’m feeling wanted or bagged.  I suspect it’s both.  You can read Gail’s article here.  I think. if I’ve done this bloggy-linky thing properly.  Oh it was all going so well…



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