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Developing new and nifty, comic and quirky stories that are adventurous in the telling and fun in the tolding.

We’re so glad you asked. Brown & Sticky Productions is an exciting multi-media company seeking out and developing new animated film, television and interactive ideas. The result is a slate of fresh and innovative cartoons and games for kids featuring comic and quirky characters in new and nifty stories.

Our skills lie in our strong management and leadership experience with the tenacity to bring a project safely and successfully in on time and on budget. On top of that, we have a forensic understanding of craft with a gift for getting the best out of other creatives.

One of the company’s main objectives is to develop new stories told through animation that speak to a modern audience. At Brown & Sticky Productions we bring warmth and heart to tough thematic content. After all, there is nothing more subversive than laughter. So we’re not averse to urban and gritty fare, but our grit tends to have more… earth. After all, dig in the dirt a little deeper and you’ll hit bedrock of real gems.

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